Second Student Teaching in Baragiano, Italy

The second student teaching event as part of the Erasmus+ KA201 project “Robots for STEM: building, teaching and learning” was held at the IC Baragiano school in the Basilicata region, Italy. There, partners gathered from Lithuania, Portugal, Turkey, and Croatia. 

Students studied programming and participated in a robot dance competition: in the competition, students tried to apply a remote-controlled robot with the task to blow two balloons as quickly as possible. 

At the University of Potenza, the students became acquainted with robots controlled by virtual glasses and participated in an educational session on drones.

After the classes, project participants visited the cities of Pompeii and Matera, as well as Paestum Archaeological Museum.

During the trip, the students improved their programming skills, deepened their knowledge of extinct cultures, the development of civilisation, and made new friendships. 

The teachers also discussed the content of future books.