C5- Third Student Teaching in Gondomar, Portugal


Project partners visited Colegio Paulo VI school (Portugal) as a part of the Erasmus+ KA201 project “Robots for STEM: building, teaching and learning” on July 4¬–8, 2022. Students from Croatia, Turkey, Lithuania and Italy prepared for their competition, during which the robot must follow a line. 

During the visit, partners became acquainted with the private school that was hosting, which children can attend from 4 months up to 18 years. At the welcome ceremony, schoolgirls danced ballet, sang, played, and the towns-people presented their national clothes. Later, the students had the opportunity to try Paddle and play a tournament in the school yard.

During the visit, partners visited the city of Porto, including the “World of Discoveries” museum, where they learned about the history of ship improvement while sailing on boats. They heard the story of the Portuguese discoveries of new lands in the 15th century, saw how the local inhabitants lived in those lands, what kind of trade was carried out, and how sailors lived on ships at that time.

It was a joy to see the city of Porto while sailing down the Douro River to the Atlantic Ocean.

The team visited a filigree (jewellery made of metal wire and grain technique) workshop, where all participants watched how jewellery is created.

At the end of the week, there was an opportunity to learn to surf. Although the ocean was calm enough for some to stand up on the surfboard, there were enough waves so they could surf.

The week was rich with lasting impressions of the Portuguese culture, while also giving the final opportunity for the students to do work and gain knowledge with fellow students from the participating countries in this project.