Dissemination Session, Šiauliai, LT

On June 8, the international conference “STEAM promotes career” was held at Meškuičiai Gymnasium in Šiauliai district and the teacher Jolanta Šiurnienė presented the “Erasmus + project “Robots for STEM: building, teaching and learning” as a means to improve teaching.

The speaker presented the results of the implemented project: the robot Stemie, the website www.robotsforstem.eu, courses for teachers, ebooks for students and teachers, a book of scientific articles and its eBook version. In addition to these results, J. Šiurnienė explained in more detail the challenges in the book for the students based on the gamification methodology and the interdisciplinary integration of tasks, specially created for this product. The online tasks, video, self-evaluation table of the student’s achievements, the adventures of two friend robots traveling in space and the hints whenever the student needs help were some of the points in the speech.

The products of this project are perfect for pursuing a STEAM career.