IO6 - Scientific book

Output O6 is a book with reports of experiences and perceptions regarding pedagogical practices with Mobile Robotics. 

The book allows one to have a record of the implementation of the project, with some contributions from the teachers involved, and also from invited experts on the subject. The book is one of the a guarantees of dissemination of the project and will remain beyond its end. The book has a foreword by Professor Mike Sharples, from The Open University. Mike Sharples is an international expert on innovative pedagogical practices. He is responsible for the Innovating Pedagogy reports [ ], a series of reports that explore new forms of teaching, learning and assessment for an interactive world, to guide teachers and policy makers in productive innovation. 

This book has the ISBN: 978-989-8525-78-9

Under the Title ‘Robots in Action’, the partners decided to make it also available in digital format at