Multiplier Event Guimarães, PT

This second multiplier event took place on march 23rd, 2023, in the Auditorium of Escola Secundária Martins Sarmento, in Guimarães, in a partnership with the Martins Sarmento Training Center.

In this event, alongside with a presentation on the State of Technology in Education in Portugal, it was possible to present to several ICT teachers and students, the main lines of the project and more in detail, the developed Intelectual outputs (A robótic kit, an online training course on robotics, a students and teachers book, and a scientific book, “Robots in Action”.
This book, for now only in eBook format, soon available for free in printed formats, featured 19 articles, with around 30 authors, and was organized by Rolando Barradas, José Alberto Lencastre, Marco Bento, Salviano Soares and António Valente.

The book also had the honor to have a foreword by Professor Mike Sharples of the Open University.

It was an afternoon of sharing and interaction with the presence of teachers and students and the project partners from Lithuania, England, Croatia, Italy and Turkey.