Final Partner Meeting in Maia, PT

On March 24-25, the Robots for STEM Erasmus+ team participated in the final meeting of the “Robots for STEM” project,.

 during which the results of the project were presented to Portugal teachers at the Centro de Formação Martins Sarmento school in Guimarães: a website, books for students and teachers, a book of scientific articles about robotics, gamification method for teachers organizing robotics classes.

During the days of the meeting team members were reviewing all outputs to ensure their final quality. The website, the online course on robotics, books for students and teachers and a book of scientific articles on Robotics and on Innovative methodologies for teaching and learning STEM. Some details were corrected and improvments suggested for the last days of the project.

The team also took some time on reviewing and preparing the documents for the Portuguese National Agency.

In terms of cultural interchange, the team participated in a Portuguese Fado concert and visited the Atlantic coast and the city of Porto.

The results of this project will be available for free to any robotics teacher in Europe.